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by Nouns / Headcold



Available to order on limited edition tape here:

recorded in a garage filled with spiders

thanks to Chris Flores for recording drums for the Pat McGill

hail pat the cat, and geebs

hell yeah


released May 28, 2015

corelease with Funeral Sounds



all rights reserved



Out of Breath Records California

A record label started from a sunny bedroom in California collecting music for rainy days.

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Track Name: Headcold - Distant Wierd
I cut another hole in my belt today. I look lived in and out of shape. I got a haircut. I said I got a haircut - didn’t think you saw. I’m a pinned out, pitch black hole. I got it and I don’t want it. Can’t stop talking. I got the fever. I love the world cause everyone is awful. I’m an apostle and fuck thy prophet. Cause I got it and I don’t want it. Can’t stop talking. I got the fever. I got you something. No, you caught something! I got you open! I love you, somethin’. “Hey vote for me!” She’s passing out pins for the sga. She doesn’t even ask me cause I look baked. (I’m okay). -----------------------------I’m distant and weird.
Track Name: Headcold - Serious Face
Patterns of having lost my mind: I stay an afterthought. Sifting thru bars of time, I’m blinking minutes by. Leaves grew back, I haven’t noticed. igottapaymoreattention. Sifting thru bars of time, I’m blinking hours by. I lost my keys. Forgot to brush my teeth. Can’t keep track. “Hey night-eyed nightmare, why don't you quit it? Hey night-eyed nightmare, how about you quit it?" Just leave me be! But I do feel bad when I can’t remember what I said to my friends. My friends should hate me. I’ve got it all figured out. I’ll just glaze over when they shout. We’re never gonna talk again, are we? I’ve got it all figured out. They just glaze over when I say----------------this is my serious face.
Track Name: Nouns - Weird Beard
send space back into my head/somewhere i can fit/a green hill, down rollin' bottle/should i take it or leave me alone

i'll back that fucker into a corner
i'll carve the space into his head

too much is fed up with you/you changes every other day/so whoever you is today, i hope you fit in nicely

buzzards flying all around/shitty pretty things//I met a junkie I fed the junkie I killed a junkie I am the junkie

still in bed with my habits, same old bed I shared with fayeleigh

ah, fuck it/ let the good times roll
'til I can myself feel whole
Track Name: Nouns - Serious Japanther Breakup Song
"japanther breakup song"


so now you're leavin
so 'now'— your leavin
so now you've left home
oh you, left home

so now your leavin
so now you're leavin
oh do i believe it
always could see it
you say that one day
i will get 'home'
but i don't mind this small apartment
or its stench of alcohol

you wanna talk about it/about a broken home

you want to feel bad//I'd rather get stoned

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